Each year I pick a word to anchor my intentions. In late January, I finally chose on “Explore” for my 2020 theme. I am in a bit of a liminal space. I am usually hurled into this experience through depression, lethargy, and pure hopelessness. I am coming out of a very dark period, recognizing that seeds don’t choose where they are planted but they can choose to thrive.

I spent much of 2019 digging into writing as a transformative and potentially professional practice. Within that endeavor I discovered the identity I held was not as strong as I once thought. Pursuing writing last year was like discovering a loose thread on inside of my sleeve tickling the back of my arm. I yanked on the thread (hard!), not knowing that it was foundational to the fabric of my outer being. Now my shell is coming undone to the point beyond repair. What’s left but to explore?

Every bit of my learning this far has told me that this is the beginning, that this is the start of something; this is the foundation of a resurrection. Right now I still very much feel nailed to some sort of cross, wondering if this means anything at all. So the writings of this year will reflect that. I will begin sharing poetry I’ve kept private for years, dig deeper in blog posts, and hopefully create more visuals to process the path.

I hope that you can join me on this journey, sharing in the space of not anymore but not yet. You can begin by clicking on any of the photos up top or to the right, which will be the newest shares of this process of undoing. I’ll see you there.

Let’s get started,